Countless personal injury lawyers are waiting to help eager clients at the drop of a hat. While it may be easy to find a lawyer, being seen is a whole other playing field. Standing out as a personal injury lawyer is difficult. 

Modern technology drastically changed countless industries. Legal services are no exception and to the growing number of markets that must operate in the digital world. Society evolved beyond the traditional local markets, and personal injury lawyers must keep up with the times to stay ahead of the competition.  

Finding Services Today 

Back in the day, if you needed to hire a service, you’d pull out the phonebook or consult the nearest local office. Finding clients was a matter of location and how your handful of competitors held up. Nowadays, there are countless personal injury law firms. There are even several companies that work on a nation-wide scale.  

Clients don’t merely settle for the first number in a phonebook or the closest office near them. They pull out their smart devices and run an internet search on their options. If you type in “personal injury lawyer near me,” you are hit with a myriad of results. Your firm is now in an ocean of hundreds of possibilities.  

Even if your services are top of the line and you have an excellent record of customer satisfaction, if you find yourself on those last pages, clients will never find you. If you want publicity, you need to make it to the early pages of results – if not, the very first. Studies found that about 95% of all search engine traffic occurs on that first page of results.  

The bitter truth is that you may be the right law firm, but there are countless other good law firms you are competing with. The success of a personal injury lawyer may fall in their marketing strategies.  

Taking Advantage of Technology 

It can be overwhelming to tackle technological advances for the first time. Don’t let the amount of information you find alarm you. Many technical strategies are easy to follow and make a significant impact on your clients. Consider following these three steps: 

  1. Research Your Market 

Before doing anything, try to examine your cliental base. If you are an established firm, think about the demographics of the people you serve. Note factors like their age, gender, and occupation. Conduct a little research examining the behavior of your clients. It’s crucial to figure out where they seek advice from and how they interact with the internet. It also helps a lot to know what types of injuries they come to you for.  

  1. Establish a Presence 

Once you know a little more about your clients, it’s easier for you to understand how to reach them. There are plenty of studies explaining how different demographics engage with online media. At the very least, you should have a website and some essential social media presence. While you don’t need to go “allout” and make an active Snapchat and post every day, having a Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter account is standard for most companies. Don’t make every post read like an advertisement. People like to get a more “human” feel from their companies. Try to post relevant content to your feed for followers to enjoy. Hiring a content creator to tailor content that links back to you is a great idea to boost your site engagement and your Google search rank. For example, if you deal with a lot of automobile accident victims, co

nsider making posts about herniated discs, whiplash, or lower back pain. 

 Just because things are going digital doesn’t mean all dimensions of your advertising have to be digital. Many traditional platforms offer something special as well. Many people still look towards paper 

advertisements and commercials to find personal injury lawyers. As a personal injury lawyer, it’s a wise idea to contact your local pain clinic or local chiropractor to see if they are willing to recommend your services. These partnerships are a great way to reach clients right at their injury assessment.  

  1. Keep Your Accounts Updated 

Once you set everything up, it is crucial to maintain your platforms. Times change and a website that was “cutting-edge” in 2007 can’t compare with today. It would help if you kept up with the times and always try to stay as active as possible. Remember that there is a “sweet spot” for internet activity levels. You want to master the art of posting just the right amount. Too little, and you may not come across as “human” or “active” enough. Post too much, and you spam your clients. There is a right way to make a statement online.  

Are There People I Can Hire? 

If you find the digital domain a little overwhelming, you can always get in touch with an expert to help manage your accounts. Social media managers, marketing specialists, and content creators are professions that can help. Many experts have a background in multiple of the domains above 

Never be afraid to ask for help when you need it. Investing in your marketing strategy is crucial to build your customer base and keep up with the competition. Remember, if you aren’t willing to put in the extra effort, your match might.  

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