Regional Medical Group announces its partnership with the Atlanta-based nonprofit Hosea Helps to give back to kids and families in need this Thanksgiving season.

This holiday season, Regional Medical Group has taken the pledge to support charities with the launch of its new program called RMG Cares. RMG Cares’ mission is to support in a time of much need in the Atlanta community through nonprofit partnerships. The RMG Cares program will donate volunteers, RMG merchandise, and charitable monetary donations.

Hosea Helps engages in a wide range of human services throughout the year. They help prevent homelessness among the working families in the community and provide emergency food for kids. In their program, Hosea Helps ensures that students acquire school supplies and that families and senior citizens have hot holiday meals for Thanksgiving and Christmas, every year.

“In the spirit of Thanksgiving, Regional Medical Group is proud to partner with Hosea Helps to assist Atlanta’s communities in need. Thanksgiving is a time to gather with friends and family and reflect on what matters most. It’s up to all of us to guarantee that no one in our community goes hungry this holiday season. Together we can help in the mission that every single family has a turkey on their table throughout the great city of Atlanta. When we all come together, we can bring about real change and restoration in our homes and hearts. And with Covid-19, these programs and services have become even more essential than ever before.” – Dr.Mark Schwaigner, Founder & Chairman of Regional Medical Group.

In Georgia, there are 1,318,500 people struggling with food insecurity and hunger – 405,380 of these are children. That is 1 in 6 children going to sleep and waking up without food. RMG Cares has made it their mission to support Hosea Helps and provide families with a Thanksgiving to remember.

To make a donation, visit Visitors can pledge a custom amount or choose a pre-selected amount featured on the donations page.

To learn more about Hosea Helps, and the work their organization is doing throughout the Atlanta, Georgia community and its surrounding areas, please visit

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