Regional Medical Group Launches its First Issue of Regional Medical Magazine

Atlanta, GA – January 15, 2021 – Regional Medical Group announces the launch of Regional Medical Magazine with the release of its inaugural issue, readers can view the digital publication by visiting,

Regional Medical Magazine and their in-house team of journalists report on medical news on: education, medicine, business, education, advertising, business profiles, entertainment, regional developments, and much more.

“This publication has delivered beyond every expectation I could have imagined. Regional Medical Magazine stands as a shining beacon for not only medical professionals, but casual readers too. Every issue of Regional Medical Magazine will showcase editorials that range from intimate question and answer sessions, innovative developments, emerging technologies, trending treatment options, and serve as a powerful educational resource to get informed about medical advancements, technological innovations, and the breakthrough treatments being brought to patients around the world. Regional Medical Magazine will publish seasonal issues with unparalleled access to intimate conversations with high profile contributors that readers won’t find anywhere else.” – Dr. Mark Schwaiger, Founder & Chairman of Regional Medical Group.

Regional Medical Magazine brings thought leaders, medical experts, collaborators, and technologists together to blaze a trail into the bright future of the ever-growing medical professional space. As medical advancements continue to leap forward, Regional Medical Magazine will explore these innovations through detailed interviews with industry leaders in a variety of medical spaces. Ultimately, Regional Medical Magazine hopes to shine a light through educating on how the industry is evolving to make the diagnosis, treatment, and on-going care of patients easier, more effective, and more precise. Regional Medical Magazine welcomes readers to browse each issue and delve deeply into the articles, interviews, insights, reviews, and to discover what’s new and what’s evolving in both medicine and business.

In the inaugural issue of Regional Medical Magazine includes:

• How 3D imaging is transforming how doctors see…

• How the business side of medicine is rapidly evolving…

• How regenerative medicine could change how doctors treat their patients…

• How one medical entrepreneur turned life’s pressure into big business…

• How artificial intelligence is going to change the future of healthcare…

• How neural-interfaces are giving patients their limbs back…

and much more…

Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia; Regional Medical Group is comprised of a highly dedicated team of accident doctors and medical professionals specializing in treating patients who have suffered injuries from motorcycle accidents, car accidents, slip-and-fall accidents, or other accidental injuries.

Readers can find the inaugural issue of Regional Medical Magazine at

For doctors, medical and business professionals, medical technology advocates, and leaders that are interested in being a guest in the next Regional Medical Magazine, please fill out the contact form and a Regional Medical Magazine representative will contact you shortly. Regional Medical Magazine loves collaborating with like-minded professionals in the medical professional space.

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Regional Medical Group (RMG) is a team of highly qualified accident doctors and medical staff who have teamed up with an extensive network of chiropractors that specialize in the treatment and care of patients who have been injured in any form of an automobile accident, motorcycle accident, semi-truck accident, Uber auto accident, Lyft auto accident, slip-and-fall, or other work-related accidents. Regional Medical Group helps patients focus on injury treatment without the stress of how to pay for it.

Regional Medical Group is standing by to help with its remarkable network of affiliate chiropractors by finding its patients a “chiropractor near me.”

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