Welcome back to another episode of RMG Talks! On this episode, the RMG team is joined by a special guest, Dr. Steve Barnett to discuss his continued mission of building a strong, thriving chiropractic community in the state of Georgia!  

Dr. Steve Barnett is a chiropractor‘s chiropractor. For over 30 years, Dr. Barnett has fought to promote, represent, educate, and protect the entire chiropractic community in Georgia while advocating for unrestricted access to chiropractic care and tending to patients at his celebrated practice. At the heart of Dr. Barnett‘s second act is collaboration; gracing stages across the nation, and delivering deep insights on topics such as neuroscience-neurosurgery in tightly knit lecture series to eager chiropractors of all ages. Take a listen! 

About Dr. Steve Barnett 

Dr. Steven Barnett graduated from Brooklyn College in January 1976. It was while playing basketball there that he discovered the benefits of chiropractic care. After graduating, he attended Palmer Chiropractic College in Davenport, Iowa. Dr. Barnett graduated Palmer in 1979 and moved to Atlanta, Georgia, to begin his chiropractic career. He opened his office in Stone Mountain, Georgia, in 1979 and ran a very large practice for three decades. Today, he continues to teach and educate. 

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