The holiday seasons are upon us, and its a better time than ever to spread joy and cheer. While this year, we will face several different gathering restrictions, it doesnt mean that well be off the road during these trying times.  

While now is the season to spread cheer – it is also a time of the year when there are increased risks to drivers and pedestrians alike. There are many reasons why this enhanced risk occurs. Learning more about the different factors that impact road safety helps you avoid getting into automobile accidents this winter.  

Weather Concerns 

While weather varies significantly across the United States, winter is known as a time full of all sorts of dangerous weather conditions. A winter wonderland makes for a panoramic photo for social media – but it also makes for some hazardous road conditions that can leave you swerving on the street.  

Snow is not even your most significant concern during this time. While slushy snow impacts the grip of your tires, ice is your biggest enemy. Black ice is a massive concern for people everywhere. The sneaky culprit is difficult to detect on roads until its too late. As it blends into the pavement, be sure to know the conditions of the road before you get out there.  

Finding yourself ill-prepared on the road filled with ice can send you to the emergency room. If youre lucky – youll spend your holiday season with some whiplash and back pain. The alternative is much worse.   

Congested Traffic  

The holidays arent just a big deal for you. During this season, everyone is busy. There are so many reasons why there are more people on the road during these times than usual. While some of it has to do with visiting loved ones – there are plenty of reasons why someone is on the crowded highways during this time.  

Between increased workloads, gift searching, and trying to fit that last-minute visit to the chiropractor or hairdresser before holiday hours kick in – congested traffic full of hundreds of people in a hurry is a recipe for disaster. 

The stress of holiday seasons, especially during these trying times, led to many short-tempered drivers and road rage. Dont get caught up in all the holiday drama. Try to remember that this is the best time of the year! 

Holiday Celebrations 

Just make sure not to have too much fun. A substantial contributing factor to problems is that a lot of people like to party. Sometimes, partygoers dont make the most responsible decisions. 

Even if you recognize the importance of not drinking and driving, be aware that other people may not be responsible. Due to the holiday season, many people test their luck. Going from party to party, some people leave their common sense behind. Between Christmas, New Years, and every holiday in between – there are more drunk people out and about. Even if they arent behind the wheel, intoxicated individuals do pose some safety problems.  

They are less inclined to reason about crossing streets and behaving. Just as you need to be careful on the highway – you need to stay extra attentive when driving in bustling cities or residential areas. This tip is especially relevant at night when people are getting ready to go out or come home.  

There are some things you should consider: 

While you cant prepare for everything, there are some tips you can follow so that youre ready for what life throws at you.  

  • Make sure your vehicle is ready. 

The weather can be unpredictable at this time of the year. Even if you arent expecting a white Christmas – you should be ready for snow, sleet, and ice. You never know when youre in a rush one morning, and the roads are slippery. Before you put yourself in a risky position, take your vehicle down to the shop. They can make sure your tires are in top shape, so youre ready to take on the busy roads. Be sure to also stock your car with some emergency supplies, like a first aid kit. Its better to prepare for the worst than be caught off guard.  

  • Avoid driving in dangerous conditions.  

Even if you prepare for anything, its a good idea to avoid any dangerous driving conditions. Even the perfect, safest car can fall victim to accidents in the worst conditions. There are some things you cant prepare for. If the weather is terrible or the news reports say the roads are extra congested –stay home! Try only to leave the house when you need to make a few extensive shopping trips rather than stopping by the store multiple times a week. This tip is even more relevant in todays pandemic climate where you want to reduce spread.  

  • Be responsible.  

If you do leave home during this busy time – be responsible! The holiday season is no excuse to act irrationally or recklessly. Never get behind the wheel of a car when youre intoxicated. Likewise – never get in the car with a drunk driver. Alcohol isnt the only thing that makes one irresponsible, though. Even if you are in a hurry or stressed, follow the road rules. Don’t speed, and always be aware of everything around you. 

  • Be aware of others around you. 

Remember, you aren’t the only one on the road. Even if you do everything right – other people may not heed our warnings. Many people will be under the holiday season’s stress and excitement, so keep this in mind when you get behind the wheel. You don’t want to find yourself dealing with the stress of an accident during the holiday season – especially if it’s not even your fault.  

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