Although nearly everyone has heard of them – few people actually know what a chiropractor is. A chiropractor is a professional that practices chiropractic treatments. These treatments entail spinal manipulation, following an extensive medical history overview and physical examination.  

Rather than prescribing drugs, chiropractors make “manual adjustments” in order to help alleviate pain due to things like car accidents or sports injuries. They use special techniques aimed at realigning bones or joints. While the treatments are generally associated with back and neck problems, most chiropractors work with other parts of the body as well.  

These relatively low-risk procedures can be administered alone or in combination with a variety of other treatment options depending on the case. There are several benefits that anyone can enjoy from undergoing these alternative treatments.  

  1. Enhanced speed: following an injury, you may notice that your movements are a little slower than usual. A publication in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics found that all patients exhibited improved movement time following chiropractic adjustments in comparison to only 1% of untreated controls.  
  2. Pain relief: most people visiting a chiropractor are doing it for potential pain management. How do chiropractic treatments compare to drugs? A clinical trial found that chiropractic treatment was more effective in relieving subacute lower back pain than both the placebo and muscle relaxants.  
  3. Arthritis management: Chiropractic interventions are common in the management of arthritis. Seeing a chiropractor for arthritis is a recommended complementary procedure to do in addition to other treatments.  
  4. Lower blood pressure: not all benefits of a visit to a chiropractor or so straightforward. Following chiropractic adjustments of the thoracic spine, the blood pressure of participants significantly dropped. Although these adjustments are no perfect substitute for lifesaving medicine, it can still be beneficial for contributing to healthier levels. 
  5. Support wellbeing: many people that visit a chiropractor report that they feel better after procedures – mentally. While the underlying mechanisms and implications aren’t entirely understood, some evidence suggests that participating in alternative medicines – such as chiropractic practices – can be good for mental health in cases of severe mental illness.  
  6. Enhanced balance: popping everything back into its proper place help can help individuals who have balance problems. A study found that adults suffering from symptoms of cervicogenic dizziness, balance impairments, and neck problems found that their conditions approved following a spinal manipulation.  

It is important to remember that, while a chiropractor can benefit you, these treatments are not a substitute for necessary pharmaceutical intervention. Unfortunately, there are some disorders where you will need to take medicine to stay safe and healthy.   

If you, too, would like to explore what a chiropractor can offer you, Regional Medical Group can get you in touch with a chiropractor near you. A trained medical physician can help decide if this treatment alternative is right for you.  

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