Accident Doctor
We help our patients focus on treatment of their injuries.
Without the added stress of how they will pay for it.
Regional Medical Group is a team of highly qualified accident doctors and medical staff specializing in treating patients who have been injured in automobile, slip-and-fall, or work-related accidents.

Accident Doctors

We have assembled an excellent group of accident doctors who specialize in a wide range of post-accident care. From the treatment of soft tissue and closed head injuries, to injuries that may require orthopedic and spine surgery - we have you covered. Regional Medical Group also has an in-house interventional treatment facility providing various procedures to treat acute pain. We can also perform neurodiagnostic testing to assess the traumatic effect of closed-head injuries, as well as an extensive state-wide alliance with numerous MRI facilities that will provide imaging services on a lien basis.

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Priority number one at Regional Medical Group is providing top level patient care. Most of our injured patients are dealing with significant levels of acute pain, so it’s important to us to provide a treatment experience that is as comfortable as possible from the moment they walk in our door. Upon arrival, our patients are treated to a comfortable waiting room in an elegant atmosphere. And, because acute pain and injuries are enough for our patients to deal with, medical bills won’t be an added source of stress. That’s why all of our clinics treat patients on a lien basis. Regional Medical Group offers locations all over Atlanta and the southeast. Feel free to contact the office near you.
I got hurt pretty bad in a car accident last year and my chiropractor referred me to Regional Medical Group for my closed head injury. They saw me within a day and the Doctor and other staff took great care of me. The best part is that I didn't have to pay when I checked out. I don't mind waiting for my settlement, but I could NOT wait to get treatment.

While Regional Medical Group does not focus on providing Chiropractic care, we have developed a who’s who list of referring Chiropractors in the areas we serve. Utilizing the integrated care model with regards to patient care allows all involved to ensure that our patients’ varying medical needs are being met.

A good diagnosis is the first step to good treatment and it’s incumbent upon me as a healthcare provider to make sure my patients have access every tool necessary for the proper diagnosis and treatment of their injuries, whether that’s chiropractic care or traditional medicine. Using an interdisciplinary approach to treating my patients is just good patient care. I’ve been a referral partner with Regional Medical Group for three years now because I know that my patients are in good hands when I send them there.
accident doctor

By providing optimal patient care over the years, Regional Medical Group has an impressive roster of highly reputable referring attorneys.

accident doctor
What I’ve learned over the years is that, while chiropractic treatment is extremely effective in many cases, chiropractic care in concert with medical care and diagnostic treatment can effectively document cases, get patients the treatment that they need, help them to heal and get them a fair recovery. I know from experience that when I refer my patients to Regional Medical Group, my clients will receive the best possible diagnostic and medical care.