3D Imaging is the latest medical announcement in Radiology. 3D Imaging is created by taking an original MRI scan, if positive, and creating 3D Imaging that objectively demonstrates the findings. 3D Imaging is the groundbreaking medical visualization software that is giving radiologists and surgeons a powerful new way of looking at the human anatomy.

RMG is the one and only medical provider (with in-house MRI Facilities) able to bring this revolutionary new software to the public, in Atlanta, GA.

We are also able to have a 3D image created from any traditional high-resolution MRI that was performed at any Metro-Atlanta MRI Facility! With this new innovation, medical providers will be able to demonstrate injuries with even more accuracy than ever before! Patients, for the first time ever, are able to actually see and understand their MRI findings!

A picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million!

Click here to see the full informational video about 3D Imaging: https://bit.ly/2lO3BWF

For more information on 3D Imaging visit, https://onyx3dimaging.com
*3D Imaging provided by Onyx Imaging

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Regional Medical Group (RMG) is a team of highly qualified accident doctors and medical staff who have teamed up with an extensive network of chiropractors that specialize in the treatment and care of patients who have been injured in any form of automobile accident, motorcycle accident, semi-truck accident, Uber auto accident, Lyft auto accident, slip-and-fall, or other work-related accidents. Regional Medical Group helps patients focus on injury treatment without the stress of how to pay for it.

Regional Medical Group is standing by to help with its remarkable network of chiropractors by finding its patients a ‘chiropractor near me’. For more information visit Regional Medical Group online at RegionalMedicalGroup.com or call today.

Regional Medical Group is your one-stop solution for accidental injury care.

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