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Bicycling is an environmentally sound, healthy choice for transportation, but it comes with certain dangers. Every year, thousands of cyclists are seriously injured due to collisions with motor vehicles. Although children are also at risk, most of these accidents involve adults who were in or near a road junction. While helmets and protective clothing can help lessen collision injuries, cyclists are still especially vulnerable to harm.

Preventing Bicycle Accidents

In addition to wearing protective equipment, experts recommend that you be aware of certain dangerous situations. Cyclists are vulnerable to drivers who do not see them. Wearing bright colored clothing helps as does using a bicycle headlight at all times.

Often cars coming out of parking lots or side streets overlook an approaching cyclist. You should try and make eye contact with the driver, and failing that, wave widely to catch their attention. You should also consider riding away from the curb and more into the traffic lane where you are more easily seen.

Remember to slow down when you approach a junction and always bike defensively. When you are involved in an accident with a motor vehicle, you may well be injured, sometimes seriously.

Bicycle Injuries

While bicycle helmets help limit brain injury, a cyclist is still likely to experience some head trauma during a collision with a motor vehicle, particularly if you flip over the handlebars and onto the pavement.

In a higher speed accident, you may be tossed into the air before falling to the ground, increasing your chances of suffering bone fractures, dental injuries, facial lacerations and breaks.

During an accident, cyclists frequently try and break their fall by extending their arms, which can lead to serious fractures and soft tissue injuries, such as sprains and ligament tears.

A cyclists who is struck from behind may experience spinal cord injury that can result in temporary or permanent loss of mobility. Prompt treatment is a must in these situations.

Regional Medical Center

If you are involved in a cycling accident near Atlanta, visit Regional Medical Group for expert evaluation and treatment of your injuries. Many cyclists do not consult with a medical professional after an accident, which is a mistake. Sometimes symptoms of injury do not occur for days after a collision. Left untreated, these problems can worsen and cause permanent damage. Also, the collision needs to be reported and your injuries documented in anticipation of a possible court case.

At Regional Medical Group, the staff is trained to deal with personal injuries. They also have access to the best equipment and care techniques, so you can receive the prompt, advanced treatment that you need.

You never have to worry about your insurance status at Regional because they offer treatment on lien. Your bill will be paid when your attorney receives the settlement for your legal case. Money worries do not have to limit your treatment options.

Bicycling can be a healthy, invigorating activity. By taking the proper precautions, you limit the chances of being involved in a motor vehicle collision. If you are injured while on your bicycle, call Regional Medical Group at 404-943-9996. They will guide you to the nearest location so you can be diagnosed and treated. Do not wait. Untreated injuries can lead to long-term problems. Get the help you need when you need it at Regional Medical Group.


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