common accidents to avoid this summerSummertime: the sun is shining, the living is easy; and accidents tend to happen. Chances are at least one member of your family will have some sort of summer injury. Swimming, sunning, travel and even yard care can cause a number of easily avoidable mishaps that can keep you away from the fun and stop you from working. This summer, limit your accident downtime by taking some simple precautions.

Water Accidents

Summertime means plenty of time at the swimming pool, beach or lake. Unfortunately, many summer accidents take place near or in the water. Avoid accidents by following basic water rules. Never swim or operate a boat after drinking. Make sure your children are always wearing life jackets when they are near deep water and don’t let them swim unattended. Enforce the no running by the pool rule as well.

Car Accidents

More people are on the road during the summer, which means your chance of being involved in an accident is higher. More young drivers are also on the road, meaning you have to drive defensively at all times. If you travel for the Fourth of July or other holiday, consider leaving a day or two early in order to avoid peak travel times. Have your car serviced before hitting the road so you can avoid breakdowns and make yourself follow the speed limits.

Sports Injuries

Summertime sports like baseball and softball can lead to a number of injuries, including sprains, strains, and fractures. You are more prone to these problems if you don’t remain active all year long. Before exerting yourself on the golf course or ball field, make certain you stretch appropriately and wear the proper protection. Slowly increasing your activity level will help you prevent many muscle and tendon related injuries.


Everyone loves the sunshine after a cold winter. However, if you are not careful, you can accidentally overheat at home or at work. Heat exhaustion and heat stroke can quickly incapacitate you.

You may experience heat exhaustion if you are physically active when the temperature and humidity are high. You might experience faintness, dizziness, rapid pulse, nausea, and headache. If so, you will need to hydrate and rest in a cool place immediately as well as seek medical advice if the symptoms linger for an hour or more.

Heat stroke is more dangerous and can become life threatening. It occurs when your core body temperature hits 104 F or higher and can cause brain damage or death. Highway workers, lawn care professionals, farmers and swimming staff are particularly vulnerable to this condition. Heat stroke demands immediate medical treatment.

You can prevent heat-related issues by avoiding the outdoors during peak temperature hours. Also, you should wear light-colored, loose clothing and stay well-hydrated. If you feel yourself getting over-heated, take a break and rest in a cool place for a bit. Your employer should have a heat-related work policy in place to protect you from these conditions.

Regional Medical Group

Regional Medical Group has several locations in the Atlanta, Georgia, area that can meet your medical needs when summertime accidents happen. Their expert staff specializes in treating patients who have been involved in vehicle, slip and fall, and other warm weather accidents. If you are injured this summer, seek treatment where your health is the primary concern.

Summertime means more fun, but it also means more accidents. Stay safe on the road, in the water, and in the heat by following some basic safety measures.


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