Distracted driving affects a driver‏’s ability to safely maneuver. Evidence reveals that motorists who split their attention between the road and something else for more than 1.5 seconds at a time risk a higher rate of crash or collision.

Interior Vehicle Distractions:
• Phones, screens, GPS
• Hygiene, grooming
• Adjusting radio volume, changing songs
• Passenger conflict and noise
• Eating, drinking
• Adjusting air conditioning, tilting the steering wheel, side mirrors, driver seat position
• Pets that are not in containment
• Reaching for fallen objects

Exterior Vehicle Distractions:

• Looking at a crash scene
• Looking at road construction
• Events of interest alongside the roadside

Consequences of Distracted Driving:
• Unable to avoid crash/collision with already stopped vehicles
• Lane swerving
• Unable to make fast decisions
• Impaired awareness
• Unable to perform an emergency maneuver
• Unable to see and follow traffic signals or signs

By safeguarding the vehicle against distractions, drivers can focus on piloting the vehicle.

Safeguarding the vehicle while driving:

• No cell phones.
• If you must use your phone, stop in a secure area.
• Avoid conflict with passengers.
• Stop to consume full food or drink meals.
• Secure children and give them items to occupy their attention.
• Secure pets in a carrier or kennel before driving.
• Set your vehicle preferences, like side mirrors, rearview, heat or A/C, before you begin driving.
• Use red lights to adjust car controls.
• Review all maps and routing before you begin your drive.
• If you need to re-route your trip, stop in a secure and safe parking area.
• Do not engage with occupants inside other vehicles.
• Do not wear or use headphones to listen to loud music.
• Remain focused, pay careful attention, and expect the unexpected.

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