Radiology imaging software has a new and improved look. True 3D is the groundbreaking medical visualization software that is giving radiologists a powerful new way of looking at human anatomy.

True 3D allows the technician to interact with image data in a holographic display instead of outdated flat printouts. The image can be rotated, segmented, and viewed from any position, giving a truly complete experience. True 3D can be used by clinicians in varying specialties and fields, improving the overall patient experience of visiting a doctor.

True 3D helps save valuable time with patients. Experiencing an automobile accident or a motorcycle accident can be scary, and patients deserve the best care to ensure they will be treated properly and efficiently. With True 3D image data, the reading time is cut in half with new reads taking only 13 minutes, versus up to 25 minutes using traditional imaging techniques. This process saves the patient time and helps aid in a faster, more accurate, diagnosis.

This new technology will also assist in teaching the next generation of medical professionals. Instead of using cadavers to practice skills, in which mistakes are not fixable, True 3D will allow students to interact and dissect anatomy in a real-life situation. Data from real patients can be used, allowing the students to study moves from hypothetical situations to real diagnoses. This will prepare students for work in the medical field in a way that no other system can.

True 3D is also an immense asset to the future of medical research and processes. Due to its ability to give doctors far more information about their patient’s condition, there is hope that True 3D will be used in the surgical room, reducing the already lengthy amount of time complex surgeries can take.

This software will also help radiologists attain a more precise determination of the detailing features in a volume of interest (VOI). Radiologists have characterized the same features in different ways, and True 3D may aid in coming to an agreed-upon verdict by giving an entirely new way of viewing said features.

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