How to Receive Medical Care After an Accident With No Insurance

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Auto Accident Injury Care for Patients With No Health Insurance

Few events hold more potential for terror than a traumatic automobile accident. The injuries that result from an accident can also cause fear, especially when sufferers realize they don’t have health insurance. Lack of insurance can discourage many auto accident injury sufferers from getting the help their bodies desperately need. Fortunately, this situation doesn’t raise any barrier to treatment at Regional Medical Group. That’s because the clinic offers the option receiving medical care on a lien in accident cases that involve financial settlement.

how to get medical care after an accident no insurance

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Why Immediate Medical Care is a Must

Saving money on medical treatment can be false economy — especially where auto accident cases are concerned. Individuals who hold off on getting medical evaluation and treatment after an auto injury are doing themselves additional harm, not just physically but possibly financially. Musculoskeletal and neurological damage tends to get worse when the body tries to heal itself without medical aid. Internal scar tissue may form around muscles and nerves, causing chronic pain, stiffness, and loss of function.

Auto accidents survivors who aren’t experiencing immediate symptoms might think they’re OK and neglect getting professionally evaluated. But this, too, is an unwise attempt at saving money, insurance or no insurance. Adrenalin and shock from an accident can cause a critical delay in symptom onset that only allows the undiagnosed, untreated injuries to grow more and more serious.

Last but not least, auto accident cases that involve lawsuits require full documentation proving that the damage occurred, and that the plaintiff took the necessary steps to seek medical care. Putting off evaluation and treatment can sabotage an auto accident injury settlement before it’s been presented to the court.

Prompt, Professional Medical Care With No Upfront Costs

Regional Medical Group wants to make sure Georgia auto accident injury sufferers get the medical help they need, when they need it, regardless of whether they have health insurance or can pay out of pocket for treatment. This is accomplished by providing the medical care “on a lien.” This simply means that the clinic performs any necessary evaluation and treatment at no cost to patient on the condition that it receives its payment out of the financial settlement award at the time the attorney (not the patient) settles. The result is that accident sufferers have ready access to prompt, thorough, fully-documented care, from diagnostics and orthopedic extremity surgery to nerve blocks that banish acute pain — even if health insurance is currently a no-go.

As amazingly beneficial as this service is to patients, not many hospitals or clinics provide it. Obviously there is a certain risk taken on by the clinic; the court may not award a financial settlement to the patient, or the money received might now represent full value.

On the other hand, Regional Medical Group allows patients without health insurance to receive immediate evaluation and treatment. With professional medical documentation, a valid case can be immeasurably strengthened and reinforced, improving the odds of a favorable settlement. More importantly, the doctors at Regional Medical Group believe that every individual deserves every possible chance for full healing and relief from debilitating symptoms. For patients who have already paid a terrible price in pain and suffering, this service can prove very welcome indeed!


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