using injections to relieve hip pain after car accident

Treatment for Hip Pain

Foot and leg injuries make getting around difficult, but hip injuries can be worse. You simply cannot move well if you have a hip injury, and OTC pain relievers may not help with the pain. Without proper diagnosis and treatment, a hip injury can lead to years of discomfort and limited mobility. If not treated correctly, a hip issue can worsen, requiring hip replacement surgery.

Some of the worst hip injuries are caused by moving vehicle accidents, work-related injuries, and falls. If you injure your hip during an accident, you need to seek immediate treatment at Regional Medical Group. They have orthopedic doctors on staff who specialize in treating accident-related bone injuries, relieving what can be debilitating pain.

Hip Injury Basics

Hip joints in healthy people are quite strong, but anyone can suffer from a hip injury, especially if the joint is involved in a traumatic impact such as a car accident, a fall from a ladder or some other traumatic mishap.

The majority of hip injuries occur in those over 65, primarily to women with osteoporosis. This group can suffer a serious hip injury simply by falling out of bed. If they are involved in a vehicle collision or fall at the supermarket, chances are high that they will incur a broken hip or other serious joint problem.

Other hip injuries include dislocation, a condition that results from the femur slipping out of the hip socket. If a dislocation happens, you will likely have painful injuries to your hip ligaments as well. During an accident, you may also suffer from a labral tear. This means damage to the cartilage that surrounds the socket, caused by twisting the joint.

All of these injuries can be extremely painful and take time to heal. Fortunately, some patients benefit from advanced pain management techniques such as hip injections.

Hip Injections

Steroid injections are sometimes used to treat hip pain caused by arthritis or accident injury. This procedure is done on an outpatient basis and usually provides effective pain relief in two or three days. The doctor first numbs the outside of your upper thigh. Then, using a radiology tool called a fluoroscope to guide them, the doctor injects a contrast dye into the joint to make certain the needle is properly positioned. Next, a mixture of anesthetic and steroids are injected directly into your joint, which lessens inflammation and pain. These injections can provide long-term relief, bypassing more invasive procedures and restoring your ability to move freely and enjoy life.

Regional Medical Group

If you are the victim of an accident in the Atlanta area, call Regional Medical Group. They specialize in giving you the care you need with no out of pocket expense. Additionally, RMG does not require insurance because they are paid by your lawyer from your legal settlement. You never have to worry that you cannot afford the medical procedures that you need.

Regional Medical Group is not just another healthcare organization. The medical providers at RMG are trained to work with accident victims. The skilled staff is able to diagnose injuries caused by vehicle collisions, falls and work accidents. Regional Medical Group has 12 different locations in the Atlanta area, ensuring that you receive prompt, expert care, including treatment for your painful hip problems. For more information, call 404-943-9996 or visit their website. Remember – you should never ignore your accident injuries.


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