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When Halloween Goes Wrong: Injuries and Treatment

Adults and children both love Halloween. Costumes, candy and parties make for a festive day, but the holiday does come with some significant dangers for trick or treaters. Pedestrians in masks, crowded streets and other hazards invite accidents ranging from simple scrapes to traumatic head injury. Every ghost and goblin needs to be especially careful as they attempt to remain injury free as they navigate the holiday. If an injury does occur, victims need to head to Regional Medical Group for treatment.

Property Issues

Trick or treaters frequently have limited vision due to their ornate masks. They may also wear costumes that are too long or are too tight. As a result, they can easily run into objects and trip over their own feet. If a participating property owner has a home with broken steps or an uneven sidewalk, little Batmen and other Halloween characters can easily fall and sprain or fracture limbs or bang their heads Sometimes city property is to blame for these mishaps. Potholes and cracked sidewalks can cause a number of accidents as children roam the neighborhood, crossing streets in the process. Trick and treaters and their chaperones are often injured in the pursuit of holiday fun.

Dog Dangers

Responsible home owners keep their pets restrained during Halloween, but accidents happen. Sometimes a dog will slip out the door when trick or treaters are getting their bags filled with miniature candy bars and other goodies. Dogs can become overly excited and aggressive under these conditions and bite the scary people swarming around them. Even cats can become spooked by all the activity and scratch at anyone who is around. These wounds require prompt treatment to avoid infection.

Traffic Accidents

Vehicle collisions are common during Halloween, with drivers crashing into other cars and into pedestrians, especially those who are not wearing reflective costumes. People are more distracted than usual due to the holiday excitement and the unusual number of people on the street at night in normally quiet neighborhoods. Even the most cautious folks can be injured during all the Halloween fun, sometimes seriously.


Those Halloween celebrants injured in the Atlanta Georgia area need to seek treatment at Regional Medical Group. Their experienced staff offers immediate appointment availability with medical experts who can quickly diagnose Halloween injuries. Fast and professional assessment is essential for these problems. Even minor issues can worsen if not treated promptly.

Regional Medical Group offers new patient consultation and case management. They can coordinate testing with imaging providers and other specialists if necessary. All of their patients receive the best and most technologically advanced treatment available, whether their injuries are minor or serious.

Lack of insurance is never an issue because the expert staff provides treatment at no out-of-pocket cost to their patients. Payment comes from legal settlements, so patients do not have to delay treatment due to financial issues. In-house medication and online patient forms also contribute to the fast and efficient service at Regional Medical Group.

Halloween can be dangerous as well as fun. Those in the Atlanta area can visit Regional Medical Group for medical treatment if they suffer injuries on this holiday or any other day. RMG is located in Sandy Springs, Douglasville, Gainsville, Stockbridge and eight more locations in the Atlanta area. Those needing treatment can also call 404-943-9996 or visit the website for more information.


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