medical imaging- ct scan after a car accident

Any kind of accident can cause a serious medical issue. Simply tripping over a stack of boxes at work can lead to a compound fracture of your tibia. You may trip over an uneven sidewalk or slip on a wet spot in aisle three and crack a vertebra. And, of course, a motor vehicle accident can cause devastating injuries, including traumatic brain injury. Diagnosing these medical issues properly requires getting the latest in medical imaging. While X-rays are still helpful tools, you may require something more advanced, like an MRI or a CT scan. Both of these imaging types are more accurate than a traditional X-ray. When you’ve been hurt in an accident, don’t delay. Connect with medical professionals who can get you the imaging that you need.

CT Scan

A CT scan, or computed tomography, takes numerous X-rays of your body from different angles. Then a computer creates a 3-D image that shows your doctor a cross- section of your body. Unlike a simple X-ray, the CT scan gives your doctor a detailed view of your bones, tissues, and major organs so that they can better locate injuries that might not be identified otherwise. Without an advanced scan, some injuries could go untreated and worsen, becoming far more serious than if they had been promptly identified and treated. Sadly, these tests are expensive, and some medical facilities might be hesitant to perform them on patients with no insurance or those without the funds to pay for them in cash. That’s why you need the help of a medical group that specializes in injury patients and understand insurance issues.


An alternative to the CT scan is an MRI. An MRI, or magnetic resonance imaging, also provides a detailed view of your internal organs and structures,  without radiation. It too gives your doctor cross-section images and allows them to better locate potential internal issues. Your doctor will determine which test is best for you, an MRI or CT scan. Often, MRIs are used to diagnose brain and spinal cord injuries, both common consequences of car crashes and other accidents. An MRI has a high degree of accuracy and is frequently used across the country to diagnose injuries. Like the CT scan, it is an expensive test, so some accident victims forgo having one due to the expense. However, you should never get less than the best medical treatment, no matter your insurance or financial status. That’s where Regional Medical Group can help.

Regional Medical Group

Regional Medical Group has a number of locations in the Atlanta area where the staff provides excellent medical care to accident victims with no insurance. RMG offers immediate appointments, in-house prescription service and quick medical reports. Their expert staff has the medical knowledge to help you with your injuries, and they treat you on lien, which means your bill will be covered by your legal settlement.

While RMG does not do their imaging in-house, they do partner with superior imaging centers. It’s a top priority that you get complete post-trauma care in a timely fashion. When it comes to any type of accident, you need the most advanced medical care possible.

For more information, call RMG at 404-943-9996 or send them a message. They will get back to you quickly so that you can get treatment and begin to heal.


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