No one expects a car accident during the day. That’s why when it happens, every second counts. Fast action can save a life if you’re prepared. Even after a car accident, your vehicle can still pose a threat, for example, fire, combustion, entrapment, or in a certain situation even submergence. You can easily prepare for these scenarios with the following tools.

  1. Seatbelt Cutter
    After a collision, seatbelts become an obstacle between you and safety. If you need to get out of your vehicle quickly due to being overturned, fire, or water then a seatbelt cutter will quickly severe the belt and release you to freedom.
  1. Glass-breaker
    In the event of submersion, the imbalance of pressure inside and outside the car will prevent the door from opening. Loss of life becomes severe in this scenario as water will fill the car and drag it down even further. A glass-breaker will shatter the window or windshield allowing you to escape to safety before your vehicle fills with water.Manual: diamond-shaped hammer tool that requires brute force to break the glass.Spring-assisted: diamond-shaped hammer tool that will activate once pressed up against the glass. Requiring much less force.
  1. Keychain Tool
    The keychain tool is the most effective and has the added bonus of being on you at all times. The tool is small, feather-light, and easy to use alongside the glass-breaker or seatbelt cutter.
  1. E-Flashlight
    Emergency flashlights are a must in the event a collision happens after dark. Among the highest recommendations is a rechargeable “hand-cranking” flashlight, along with a USB charger that can recharge a phone, and red signal light.
  1. Modern Essentials First-Aid Kit
    Every driver must keep a well-equipped fully stocked first-aid kit inside their vehicle in the event of minor cuts and scrapes, as well as items to treat a more serious injury until medical professionals can arrive. Modern medical essentials kits save your life and the lives of those around you.
  2. Be Prepared
    Remember, car accidents can come out of nowhere at no fault of your own, but by being alert and prepared, your chances of surviving a collision increase dramatically.

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