3D-imaging is created by taking an original MRI scan, if positive, and creating 3D imaging that objectively demonstrates and documents underlying pathology findings.

3D-imaging is the groundbreaking medical visualization software that is giving radiologists and surgeons a powerful new way of looking at human anatomy. With this innovation, medical providers will be able to demonstrate injuries with even more accuracy than ever before. Patients, for the first time, can see and understand their MRI findings.

3D-imaging allows the technician to interact with image data in a holographic display instead of outdated flat printouts. The image can be rotated, segmented, and viewed from any position, giving a truly complete experience. 3D-imaging can be used by clinicians in varying specialties and fields, improving the overall patient experience of visiting a doctor.

3D-imaging is also an immense asset to the future of medical research and processes. Due to its ability to give doctors far more information about their patient’s condition, patients are now better informed and more at ease accepting medical recommendations. There is hope that 3D-imaging will be used in the surgical room, reducing the already lengthy amount of time complex surgeries can take. Viewing this state-of-the-art software virtually and in-person gives you a better understanding of the value it will add to medical evaluation.

A picture is worth a thousand words, but a video is worth a million!

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