Physical therapy after a car accident in morrow georgia

The Importance of Physical Therapy After an Accident

After any type of accident, whether it be a fall or motor vehicle collision, you need to seek immediate medical treatment so that your injuries can be diagnosed and treated. This initial treatment is vital to your recovery, but it may not be enough for you to totally regain your health. Often, you will need physical therapy to help you reach that goal. Fortunately, Regional Medical Group offers all the medical services that you need during this recovery process, including a location that offers physical therapy.

Regaining Mobility

When you are involved in an accident, you may experience muscle strains or tears, bone fractures, whiplash and spinal issues. Often these injuries restrict your mobility, making it difficult to walk, bend or even turn your head. You may have difficulty lifting heavy objects or putting your arms into the air. After your injury heals, this lack of mobility can linger if you don’t receive physical therapy from highly trained professionals. Physical therapists will lead you through a series of carefully designed exercises to improve your strength and flexibility. They can also give you “homework,” a daily routine that focuses on your particular mobility issues. Without this help, you may never fully recover from your accident.

Pain Management

Undergoing physical therapy also helps you to control the pain caused by your injuries. The pain can be intense and constant while you recover. This can potentially cause you to depend too much on the help of pain medication. A physical therapist will help you strengthen your muscles, which can take the strain off of damaged joints. They may also have you go through a program of stretches that are designed to gently help you regain your flexibility, which relieves stiffness and discomfort. Physical therapists will customize a fitness routine for you that does not put stress on your injuries. Rather, it will improve your overall physical condition.

Currently, the United States is in the throes of an opioid crisis, largely caused by the over-prescription of narcotic pain relievers. You will definitely be better off pursuing physical therapy for pain instead of prescription relief.

Healthy Habits

Physical therapy can teach you healthy habits that last long after you are healed from your injuries. A fit body helps prevent future injuries and speeds recovery time. If you are ever in another accident, you will be in better shape to withstand the incident because your joints and muscles will be stronger and more limber. It is possible to be healthier after your accident than you were before you were injured.

Regional Medical Group

Regional Medical Group offers invaluable medical services to accident victims, including physical therapy. The experienced staff can provide immediate appointments for your initial treatment and also coordinate with the physical therapy department for the PT sessions you need to completely heal. After most accidents, you have to work to get back to your previous level of health and mobility. RMG recognizes that reality and supports all phases of your recovery.

At RMG, you never have to worry about insurance or out-of-pocket costs because your bill is paid from your legal settlement. If you need injury help, be certain to contact them calling (404) 943-9996 or sending them a message on the website. The sooner you begin treatment, the sooner you will recover.


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