how to stay safe this christmas

Santa is always an accident waiting to happen due to his hazardous job. He flies all over the world in one night in an open sleigh with absolutely no seat restraints, speed control or GPS system. Squeezing down chimneys, eating possibly tainted cookies, facing down angry dogs: it’s a wonder he’s survived all these centuries. Of course, he’s created a dangerous environment for you as well. Seasonal activities continually put you at risk of injury, and few people get through the holiday unscathed. That’s why you need to keep Regional Medical Group on speed dial during this festive and injury-prone time.


Christmas decorations are supposed to be fun and sometimes inspirational, but not everyone knows how to secure them properly. Your neighbor’s festive inflatable Snowman may look delightful on his lawn but not so great when the wind blows it right into the path of your car, causing you to hit that expensive foreign SUV parked on the corner. Buying your Christmas tree from a corner lot seems like a safe activity, right up to when the towering scotch pine breaks its tether and conks you on the head. Plus, those pine needles can make you a holiday pin cushion. You also need to watch out for defective Christmas bulbs, unsecured holiday streamers and flying wise men.

Holiday Food

Everyone enjoys a holiday feast, but to be safe, you need to screen the cooks. Not everyone is as careful about food preparation as you are, and so you can be exposed to dangerously undercooked turkey, deadly recalled lettuce and poisonous wild mushrooms. Planning on eating out on Christmas Eve? Remember that the veteran employees have the holiday off and the least-experienced (hired 20-minutes ago) staff are on kitchen duty. Nothing ruins the holiday like a case of salmonella with an e.Coli chaser.

Family Road Trips

If you are traveling by automobile this year, you know that other drivers and bad weather can be dangerous for you. Thousands of people are killed or injured on the road each year during this time. You also have to worry about the people in your own vehicle. Carpooling to grandma’s with cousin Joe sounds like a good idea right up to the time he releases his pet snake into the backseat. Let’s face it – you can’t trust anyone on the road during the holidays, whether they are outside or inside your car. You can too easily end up against a telephone pole buried under a snow drift. No one wants a broken leg and a concussion under their tree.

Regional Medical Group

If you are injured by holiday fun in the Atlanta area, visit Regional Medical Group. They specialize in treating personal injury victims and don’t take insurance. Instead, they offer medical treatment on lien, meaning they are paid from your legal settlement. RMG offers immediate appointments so you don’t face dangerous delays in treatment. They also provide in-house medication and deliver medical reports quickly. That way, injuries don’t have to ruin your entire holiday. You can get expert treatment and (carefully) return to the festivities.

For more information about Regional Medical Group’s services, call 404-943-9996 or send them a message. They will get back to you quickly so that you can go another round with cousin Joe and the Christmas dinner leftovers.



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