Car and motorcycle accidents are scary. And the aftermath can be a lot to deal with: there’s insurance, possible car repairs, dealing with potential injuries, and maybe even buying an entirely new vehicle. If the collision was small and only caused minor damage, then you may not see any visible reason to replace anything, but that still does not mean items were not damaged, like your child‏’s car seat.

Here‏’s what you should know about swapping out your child‏’s car seat after a collision or automobile accident.

A car collision can result in damage both seen and unseen. So how can you decide if the impact was enough to warrant replacing your child‏’s car seat? Rule of thumb: if you have to repair or replace bumpers or airbags then replace the car seat. It’s that simple.

Car seats are designed to cushion and protect children during a collision or crash. Once the seat has absorbed impact, then the integrity of the chair might not be able to take a second impact, reducing its safety going forward. If you are planning to replace or repair any significant damage to the exterior of your car, then it‏’s important to think about swapping out the car seat as well, that way you have peace of mind the next time you‏’re on the road.

And if your child wasn‏’t in the car when the collisions happened, this doesn‏’t matter either. Even if the car or seat was unoccupied during the crash, there could still be structural damage to the seat itself, reducing its ability to protect on a second impact. After any crash, impact, or collision, it‏’s best to replace the seat with a new one as soon as possible.

No matter how big or small the collision, your children’s safety is key, so you must make sure the devices designed to protect them are working in an optimal condition at all times.

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