Here’s why your primary care physician may not the right doctor to see after an accident.

Most people believe that their primary care physician, aka “the family doctor” provides the same care as an accident doctor. This is one of the biggest misconceptions (and questions) we get from patients seeking medical care. The majority of primary care physicians, while excellent doctors, they lack a key skill that patients injured in car accidents need to get on the road to full recovery.

First, the majority of primary care physicians won’t take third party billing as a method to pay for your care. You could wind up coming out of pocket for your medical care visit, instead of rightly sending the bill to the person responsible for injuring you in the accident.

Primary care doctors typically specialize in patients who have a passing issue or to investigate something that could be more serious. They generally prescribe pharmaceutical or over-the-counter medications or refer patients to specialist clinics, but the primary care doctor does not specialize in treating conditions like whiplash or soft tissue damage. Most primary care doctors will not refer patients to an auto accident or personal injury doctors.

Car accidents and soft tissue damage

Soft tissue injury often leaves victims in severe pain after an accidental injury. The delicate tissue around the muscles can tear or become bruised during an accident, causing intense pain and discomfort. These tears, be it minor or major, are not easy to detect. Traditional X-Ray or imaging techniques are often avoided due to their inability to accurately see the damage, leaving experienced hands-on manipulation of the tissue as the primary method to detect and treat the injury.

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