According to the National Safety Council paper released just weeks ago has indicated that the use of seat belts varies widely from one state to the next, and the unfortunate lack of drivers and passengers using their seat belts is the leading factor in auto or motorcycle accident injuries across the United States.

During 1999, over 9,498 people died because their seat belts were not being used. As more drivers set out on the roads, Regional Medical Group would like to offer these 6 tips that will help motorists avoid automobile or motorcycle accidents:

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Move slowly, stop your car, look for traffic, listen for anything out of the ordinary. Mind your vehicle’s blind spots, especially side, rearview, dash mirrors, and any obstructions behind highway road signs or pillars. If you intend to make a right-hand turn, stop, look, and listen!

Check both directions twice before moving. Oncoming vehicles can appear out of nowhere quickly, so always exercise deep caution when driving into a busier intersection.

Stop at all Red Lights and Intersections

Mind red lights. Always stop and count 3 seconds before driving into an intersection after the green light. Look both directions to be sure a vehicle doesn’t speed through the intersection after a yellow light. Beware passing around semis as well. Trucks have an exceptionally large blind spot on the vehicle’s right side.

Keep Both Hands on the Wheel

Get rid of all distractions while driving. Don’t change the radio or fumble with your music or CDs. Put down your cell phone, and avoid eating. Wind, a steep pothole, or a debris tire can send your car into a side lane or ditch.

Watch out for Children or Small Animals

Small kids and animals always tend to suddenly appear out of nowhere. If you are moving through a residential area with children nearby, always slow down, look, and listen.

Check Your Engine

You can easily prevent engine stalls or automobile failure by tending to your oil and vehicle fluids regularly. And don’t forget to check your tires.

Look Ahead

Keep your eyes on the area you will drive into. For interstate driving, stay at least 10 seconds of travel time between you and the car ahead to avoid an accident or injury if they decide to stop suddenly or swerve unexpectedly. Auto accident injury could leave you in the hands of a chiropractor or doctor for years to come, recovering from whiplash, back pain, pinched nerves, and more.

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