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Georgia is the subject of many classic songs. Perhaps “Georgia” sung by Ray Charles is the most recognizable, but there are other memorable ones. “Midnight Train to Georgia” and “Georgia on My Mind” are two favorites. The Georgia weather doesn’t go unnoticed either in songs such as “Georgia Rain” and “Rainy Night in Georgia.” What the songwriters don’t mention is that the soft Georgia rain sometimes turns to slick Georgia ice in the wintertime and, occasionally, surprise Georgia snow. When the roads turn slick, Georgians are involved in a significant number of traffic accidents, but many people aren’t hurt in their cars. Instead, they fall at work. When the weather turns cold in Georgia, the workplace becomes more hazardous.

Workplace Accident Stats

Workplace slip and fall accidents are a big problem each winter. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 42,480 work injuries in 2014 involved ice, sleet or snow and kept workers away from their jobs for at least one day. And while many of these accidents were in the Northeast, Georgia had its share as well. Georgia residents are also not as used to the perils of ice and snow as those in other parts of the country, so taking a spill is perhaps more likely.

Winter Accident Causes

Your place of employment has the responsibility to create a safe working space for you. In case of precipitation and low temperatures, that means keeping the parking lots and sidewalks clear of ice and snow. Almost everyone has experienced a shaky trip across a slick parking lot or had trouble retaining traction on an iced-over sidewalk. At a minimum, your employer needs to have these spaces salted and shoveled for you. Some businesses in generally warmer climates do not have the supplies on hand that they need to make things safe during an arctic blast.

During this type of weather, employees continually track in moisture which makes entryways hazardous. A worker needs to mop up this water promptly so that you and potential customers do not slip and take what could be a disastrous fall.

Injury Types

Winter slip and falls can cause a number of serious injuries, such as head trauma, spinal fractures, broken arms and legs and muscle tears. All of these issues need prompt medical attention. Unfortunately, many small employers do not offer health insurance. Plus, many workers don’t qualify for company insurance due to their part-time or independent contractor status. If you are injured at work and uninsured in the Atlanta area, visit Regional Medical Group for your health care.

Regional Medical Group

Winter accident victims should immediately contact Regional Medical Group so they can get advanced care for their injuries. At RMG, the expert staff can offer you an immediate appointment to assess your injuries and begin offering you state-of-the-art treatment.

At RMG, your finances are never an issue because your bill is paid out of your legal settlement. You do not need health insurance to get the medical help that you need. At Regional Medical, they understand that slip and fall injuries are serious and demand treatment by skilled professionals. For more information about their services, call 404 943-9996.

Don’t let an unexpected Georgia snow or ice storm wreck your life. If you suffer an injury due to slick conditions at work, seek medical attention immediately.


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