safety tips for winter driving in Atlanta

Winter Driving in Atlanta

Wintertime in the South is not what it used to be. In the past, people in the Atlanta area could count on mild weather and mostly dry roads. In fact, many of you could grill outside for the holidays. Unfortunately, the last few winters have brought more than a few freezing cold days complete with ice and snow, something most Georgia drivers have little experience with. If you haven’t driven on slick roads often, it is easy to be the victim of a motor vehicle accident. This year, protect yourself and your family by taking a few safety precautions when snowy weather threatens.


No matter the weather, your vehicles need to have good tires. If the tread is worn, you will not have the traction you need, especially when the roads are snowy and/or icy. For safety’s sake, consider investing in all season tires that allow you to get good traction during a variety of road conditions. They will help protect you on those few days a year when snow and ice may be a concern and work well for you the rest of the year as well.

Also, check your tire pressure. If it is too low, you will not get optimum performance from your vehicle. Don’t wait until your tire pressure light warns you there’s a problem on the first really cold day of the year. Drive to the nearest gas station with an air machine and get the pressure to the recommended level.

Slow Down

Even experienced snow drivers sometimes drive too fast in bad conditions, particularly at the beginning of snow season. An inch of snow on the road may not look dangerous, but it may be quite slick. If you hit it at 50 mph, you can spin out and end up in the ditch or slam into other vehicles. Also, water freezes more quickly on bridges and overpasses and is sometimes invisible to the human eye. Drive slowly in anticipation of possible frozen areas, even if the people behind you are honking up a storm. If they pass you, be certain to keep a safe distance behind them.

Choose Your Route Carefully

You need to stick to the main roads because the city will clear them first. What is commonly a short cut for you won’t be one in bad weather. An uncleared road is frequently slick and sometimes icy underneath the snow. Plus, sliding off a back road can mean injuries and a long wait for help.

Regional Medical Group

Snow and ice always mean an uptick in motor vehicle accidents. Someone can easily slide into your car or truck, or poor road maintenance can help you right into a ditch. These collisions frequently cause fractures, head injuries and assorted soft tissue problems for those involved. If you are the victim of an accident this winter, call Regional Medical Group.

You do not need to worry about your financial or insurance status when you are treated by Regional Medical Group. They provide medical care without any out-of-pocket cost to you. In fact, your bill will be paid from your legal settlement. You will receive advanced medical treatment that will help you recover quickly and completely. So, if you are a victim of bad winter weather in the Atlanta area this year, call RMG at 404-943-9996.


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