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If you’ve never experienced Georgia in the springtime, you are missing a memorable experience. Georgia, including the Atlanta area, enjoys beautiful, balmy springs with blue skies, green grass and lovely flowers. Of course, every paradise hides a serpent or two. Spring in the state is also usually rainy and muddy, which can make driving difficult and lead to serious slip and fall accidents. The wind can also cause its share of injuries whether on the road or in your own backyard. While you should definitely enjoy springtime by getting out whenever possible, you also need to be careful. The season brings danger as well as beauty in Georgia.

Slip and Fall Accidents

The Georgia rain has long led writers to wax poetic, but the reality is less uplifting. Springtime precipitation can leave the ground soaked, producing inches of sticky red clay mud. You can easily sink into the ground and twist or fracture your ankle. If local businesses are not vigilant, you can slip and fall due to water puddles or patches of mud on in the entryways or aisles. Surfaces are both slick and sticky, an unfortunate combination for pedestrians.

Slip and fall injuries include fractures, muscle and tendon injuries and head trauma. What may initially seem like a minor accident can end up requiring extensive medical treatment.

Car Accidents

The abundance of spring rain can make the Georgia highways dangerous. The pavement becomes slick and visibility is compromised. Other drivers may cross into your lane, force you off the road or simply collide with you. The blustery conditions also make driving difficult and increase the number of car accidents.

Flooding is an issue in the state. Flash floods can overtake you in a matter of minutes. Sometimes motorists try to drive through moving water, leading to collisions with other vehicles or even the passengers drowning. This year, the Chattahoochee River has already overflowed its banks.

These collisions often produce serious injuries, including traumatic head injuries, compound fractures and various soft tissue injuries. The impact of a collision is never “minor” because your body always pays the price. In the spring, traveling the Georgia terrain can be hazardous to your health.

Regional Medical Group

The staff at Regional Medical Group wants everyone to enjoy the beautiful Georgia spring, but they stand ready to help if you suffer an injury during this wet and windy time.

The RMG staff has the expertise necessary to properly treat your slip and fall or car accident injuries. They are skilled in addressing all types of accident injuries, meaning you’ll get the treatment you need promptly. In addition, they offer case management and follow-up treatment so that you are more likely to have a complete recovery.

RMG knows that you need the best treatment possible, no matter your personal financial situation. That’s why they never accept out-of-pocket payments. You do not need health insurance to get the medical care that you need because your bill is covered by your legal settlement. At Regional Medical Group, they take care of patients that others will not.

If you are injured in an accident, visit one of the multiple RMG locations in and near Atlanta and throughout Georgia. To learn more about their services, call 404-943-9996. Get the help you need now.


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