When an individual sustains a severe blow to the head or body, Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) can occur that will cause damage to the brain. Millions of cases of TBI occur in the United States each year while over half of these injuries, according to the data pulled from the National Institutes of Health, were due to auto injury accidents. While TBI symptoms can vary depending on the severity of the injury, it is essential that victims who have suffered from head trauma seek out a medical professional to accurately diagnose how serious the injury may be.

Modern technology has advanced the diagnosis and treatment of injured victims suffering from mild head injuries to severe trauma. X-rays of the head and neck check for breaks, fractures, whiplash, herniated disc and spinal tears resulting from the automobile or motorcycle accident. More severe cases require a CT scan or MRI. CT scans are still the primary method of diagnosis, as CT scans reveal conditions brought on swelling in the tissue and brain.

Chiropractors usually order medical imaging to investigate disc issues, bone issues, or soft tissue damage. Imaging is still the most reliable way to see what’s going on inside a patient, especially regarding the spine. Imaging will reveal the chronic or possible acute nature of an illness or injury due to the amount of fluid and excess marrow in the bone.

A third option is Multi-Slice CT Scans. A typical CT scan functions by spinning beams of light around the patient and sending the collected data to create a perfect two-dimensional photograph of the patient’s body.

This is just the beginning of diagnostic methods and medical imaging, especially when it comes to head injuries. Clearing the way for more efficient means of discovering what is wrong and putting patients on the road to a quick recovery.

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