You just snagged some much-sought-after tickets, maybe for a huge sporting event or a rap concert. Of course you are excited, but you need to think about your safety as well. Injuries at these large events are common, which is why most have their own first-aid stations. Excited fans, some who have been drinking, get rowdy and don’t honor your personal space. That means you can easily take a tumble in the stadium’s nosebleed section or be trampled during a rush toward the stage. Sometimes these injuries are serious. If you are injured during a large-crowd event you need to see expert physicians for help.

Event Injury Causes

Stadiums are exciting and sometimes dangerous places. During football, baseball and ice hockey games, you can be sandwiched in the crowded facility by a capacity crowd. Although security is on hand, they cannot protect everyone from accidents caused by fellow attendees or by flaws in the stadium. Loose railings, broken seats, and angry fans all pose a danger. You can be hit by a baseball, pushed over a railing or trip down the stairs. And let’s face it, stadium food can be a little dangerous just on its own.

In some tragic instances, fans panic at an event and rush toward the exits, sometimes tramping and harming others as they do so. Also, you always find more than a few bad apples in a crowd, who are ready to start trouble. When large groups of excited people gather, accidents are bound to happen.

When you leave an event, you also face dangers in traffic. In Atlanta, the traffic leaving the Mercedes-Benz stadium after a Falcon game can tie up traffic for hours, and the congestion makes accidents more likely to happen in the area’s already hazardous traffic. Atlanta road congestion is infamous throughout the country.

Injury Types

Large events put you at danger of fractures, head injuries, and serious lacerations. You may incur crush injuries if you are trampled while leaving the stadium, and those types of fractures require sophisticated health care. Traffic accidents make you vulnerable to these injuries as well as whiplash and sprains. A fun trip with the family may leave you with some serious medical issues that require prompt attention.

Regional Medical Group

Atlanta area residents who are injured while traveling to big events or while at the event need to seek medical treatment from Regional Medical Group. They offer expert care to personal injury victims who do not have insurance. In fact, Regional Medical Group offers treatment on lien, which means you never have to worry about paying anything out-of-pocket. Your bill will be paid from your legal settlement.

RMG has a number of medical services to help accident victims, including immediate appointments, in-house medication dispensing, quick medical reports and case management services. They make certain that you have access to the treatment that you need when you need it. For more information about RMG’s services, call 404-943-9996.

This time of year, people are excited about huge like the Super bowl. Going to a big sporting or musical event is exciting, but you need to be cautious. Large groups of people can easily become rowdy and inadvertently cause you harm. Take care while you are there and seek medical attention if you sustain an injury.


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