Regional Medical Group‘s Personal Injury Networking Event Tour of 2020 is taking Georgia by storm. Since announced in January 2020, Regional Medical Group has completed two successful tour stops in Columbus and Dalton, GA. And just recently, the organization stopped in Macon, GA, to continue the tour and share industry insights with others in the area on February 13, 2020.  

I, acting as your man on the inside will give you, the reader, an inside scoop of what entailed attending Regional Medical Group’s Personal Injury Networking Event Tour of 2020 in Macon, GA.  

The event was an opportunity for industry specialists and medical professionals to network with leaders in the field of personal injury medicine and medical care in the Macon area. Guests were encouraged to converse with the expert professionals and dignitaries in attendance with questions related to their field of study, as well as engage with their years of expertise and experience. An excellent opportunity to network with like-minded people, plus it was a free event! Thanks to Onyx Imaging, a proud sponsor of the event. 

The event was from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. at Piedmont Brewery and Kitchen located at 450-B 3rd Street, Macon, GA 31201. A beautiful venue and low-key eatery with TVs offering ample pub grub and comfort cuisine plus wine, beer, and cocktails. A unique space to enjoy the company of others after hours and unwind a little bit.  

Guests who attended were impressed by the amount of energy given that went into putting together this networking event, and it showed. There were a lot of laughs and good times happening all in one night. The chatter of people’s voices filled the room and echoed throughout the night. 

The coolest part of the evening was Regional Medical Groups’ custom Virtual Reality experience that has to be seen to be believed. I don’t want to spoil it in the event there’s a tour stop near you, but do yourself a favor and check it out.  

All in all, it was a great experience and one for the books. If you live in Georgia and are in the personal injury space, I highly recommend you to attend these events. All you’ll need is an RSVP that can be done by visiting

The Regional Medical Group Personal Injury Networking Event Tour of 2020 is brought to you by Dr. Mark Schwaiger of Regional Medical Group and sponsored Onyx Imaging. 

Personal Injury Tour Stops Include:  

  • Columbus, Georgia 1/9/2020  
  • Dalton, Georgia 1/16/2020  
  • Macon, Georgia 2/13/2020  
  • Albany, Georgia 2/20/2020  
  • Athens, Georgia 3/12/2020  
  • March Madness 4/3-4/5/2020  
  • Savannah, Georgia 4/9/2020 
  • Augusta, Georgia 4/23/202  
  • Atlanta, Georgia – Private Gala & Magazine Launch Party 5/21/2020  

*Dates are subject to change.  

You can reserve an all-access pass to the Regional Medical Group Personal Injury Networking Event Tour 2020 by visiting 

You won’t want to miss it. Spreading patient care to a city near you.  

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