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Hip and Thigh Procedures for Injury Cases

Vehicle collisions often cause devastating injuries. The human body is not meant to withstand an assault by thousands of pounds of metal. Frequently, an accident victim will suffer a hip or thigh injury, something that can cause long-term pain and mobility issues. At Regional Medical Group, they specialize in treating accident victims, particularly those that suffer from hip and thigh problems.

Hip Vulnerability

Car accidents tend to damage hips and thighs because they absorb most of the impact. This happens in part because you brace yourself when a collision is imminent. Since multiple bones, muscles, and ligaments meet at the hip joint, it’s a prime area for injury. Elderly patients are most at risk because bones become more fragile as you age. If you’re involved in an accident involving the hip or thigh, you should be examined by the experts at RMG.

Injury Types

A vehicle collision or fall can cause a number of injury types. Some of the most common are:

Broken Hip – While older patients are more likely to experience this injury, a high-impact crash or severe fall can cause these bones to fracture in a patient of any age.

Dislocation – a hip dislocation occurs when the “thigh bone” or femur detaches from the hip joint. Patients may also experience torn ligaments as well.

Labral Tear– This injury occurs when the cartilage covering the pelvic socket tears.

Experts also warn that hip and thigh injuries can lead to bursitis, which is swelling and/or inflammation of the cartilage and tendons around the femoral bone. All of these conditions can cause excessive pain and mobility problems.

Treatment Options

The Regional Medical Group offers the most effective procedures to treat hip and thigh injuries. For instance, they repair some hip breaks with a femur fracture fixation with dynamic hip screw. This procedure allows femur breaks to be repaired with a high-tech screw, preserving the femur head to allow more natural movement after the repair.

Pain from hip injuries is often intense, so the Regional Medical Group offers hip joint injection, a treatment that consists of injecting both numbing medication and a corticosteroid, a drug that reduces inflammation, into the hip joint.

These and other orthopedic measures are available from RMG, where the expert staff stays abreast of current medical and technological developments to treat accident victims.

Regional Medical Group

If you are the victim of an accident in the Atlanta, Georgia, area, you need to seek treatment at Regional Medical Group. At RMG, they offer immediate appointment availability, so you never have to wait long for a diagnosis. That way, you can begin treatment quickly and minimize the effects of your injury.

Hip and thigh injuries can be quite serious and require extended treatment. Regional Medical Group offers case management and coordination with imaging providers so you are completely supported during your treatment and recovery. All of their patients receive the best testing and treatment available.

You do not need to worry if you lack insurance because the Regional Medical Group provides treatment at no out-of-pocket cost to their patients. Your payment will be taken out of your legal settlement, so you can focus on getting well rather than worrying about medical bills. RMG also offers In-house medication and online patient forms, which makes your treatment even more efficient.

When you suffer any type of accident in the Atlanta area, visit Regional Medical Group. RMG has numerous locations, including ones in Sandy Springs, Douglasville, Gainsville, Stockbridge and eight more locations. You may also call 404-943-9996 or visit the website for more information.


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