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The Importance of an Independent Medical Evaluation

As an accident victim, you may feel that you’ve been poked and prodded more than enough for one lifetime and so dread having yet another medical examination. When it comes to building a solid personal injury case, however, you often need the support of an independent medical evaluation. These evaluations basically serve as a second opinion that helps ensure you get the medical attention that you need. Also, the voice of a second medical professional strengthens your legal situation and helps you get the financial settlement that you deserve. At Regional Medical Group, they both treat your injuries and arrange for an independent medical evaluation if necessary. They offer medical and case management support throughout your physical recovery and legal process.

Why Get an IME?

When you’ve been harmed in an accident, many factors are at play. The most important one is your health. You need to seek immediate diagnosis and treatment for any injuries that you may have incurred. Secondly, you need documentation for your personal injury case. When you’ve been injured due to someone else’s actions, you deserve financial compensation to pay for your treatment and recovery period. You may not be able to work or resume any of your normal activities for a period of time. Having the proper documentation is vital to receiving proper compensation.

Many insurance companies and opposing lawyers will want you to have an IME before they settle your claim. An independent medical examination should not be a difficult experience for you since the doctor involved is an independent party that does not represent either side. They simply conduct their own examination, look at your records and order additional tests if they feel they are necessary. These medical professionals may well back up your initial doctor’s assessment, although they sometimes identify other injuries or suggest different courses of treatment. In any event, they are meant to be helpful.

Finding an Independent Doctor

Sometimes, an insurance company or opposing counsel will want to choose the doctor for the IME, but you may doubt that their choice is truly independent. That’s where Regional Medical Group can help. Not only do they provide excellent accident injury diagnosis and treatment, but they also provide case management help, including arranging IME’s for patients who need one. They can set up an examination by a skilled specialist who has not previously been involved in your case. Their help makes getting a quality IME simple and convenient. You receive the medical documentation you need so that you can heal without worrying about your legal case.

Regional Medical Group

Regional Medical Group offers complete medical support for accident victims. RMG provides excellent health care and case management for patients in the Atlanta area, including independent medical evaluations. You do not have to worry about health insurance or paying out of pocket because RMG provides medical services on lien. Your bill is paid out of your legal settlement, so your finances are never an issue with your treatment. RMG also supports you throughout your healing process with proper healthcare and the necessary medical documentation.

If you have been injured, contact Regional Medical Group. You will immediately get an appointment and begin your journey back to health. For more information, call (404) 943-9996 or send them a message on the website.


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