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Personal Injury and Public Transportation

Public transport is a convenient and usually safe choice for your transportation needs. Statistics show that people use public transportation 34 million times each weekday, often to and from their jobs. Public transportation is affordable and good for the environment. Of course, accidents are inevitable, and when they involve a bus or subway train, they can cause a number of serious physical conditions. If you are injured due to public transportation vehicles, you will need to seek immediate medical attention, preferably from personal injury specialists.

Injuries on Public Transformation

Accidents on public transportation can be caused by collisions, but riders can also suffer from pedestrian-type falls. For instance subway riders may slip on wet platforms or steps. Bus riders can easily trip and fall in crowded aisles. Accidents of this nature often cause ankle sprains, back injuries, and even bone fractures. In more serious incidents, you could strike your head, causing a concussion or a serious laceration.

Public transportation riders are usually unsecured in their seats, so an accident can easily throw them to the floor or into the seat in front of them. Unlike cars, these vehicles do not offer seat belts or air bags to protect individual riders. Head injuries, fractured ribs, and other muscle and bone issues can result.

Buses can flip over and subway trains can derail. Both of these situations can cause injuries ranging from mild to catastrophic. Due to the size of the vehicles, public transportation accidents are seldom without victims.

Collisions with Public Transportation

If your personal vehicle collides with public transportation, you are likely to suffer injury as well. For instance, the average car weighs around 3,000 lbs, while a bus can weigh three times that much. Trains are incredibly heavy and run at high speeds. In an accident with these conveyances, you may suffer spinal injury, head trauma, and bone fractures. You can easily suffer whiplash and other soft tissue injuries, which can cause long-term pain and limited mobility. In any collision with a large vehicle, you are unlikely to escape unharmed.

Regional Medical Group

If you are injured in the Atlanta, Georgia, area, visit Regional Medical Group where they specialize in personal injury treatment. Some injuries are obvious, but many do not present immediately. Without medical treatment, you may realize days or even weeks later that you are hurt. Untreated conditions can easily worsen and cause serious complications. Public transportation injuries can be especially severe.

At Regional Medical Group, the staff is specially trained to detect and treat accident injuries. They have the knowledge and advanced technology to offer you the best of care. Also, you never need to worry about your insurance status. At Regional, medical treatment is provided on lien, meaning that your medical bill gets paid when the case settles. As a result, you get the level of care you need without worrying about your current financial status.

When you ride on public transportation, you are not in control of the vehicle. A distracted driver or poorly maintained bus or train can contribute to unsafe conditions. When an accident does occur, you can’t afford to forgo medical treatment. Instead, call Regional Medical Group at (404)943-9996 for their nearest location. They will see you promptly and then diagnose and treat your injuries. Fast, expert treatment can minimize the long term effects of any personal injury accident.


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