previnting car accident injuriesPreventing Vehicle Accident Injury

Car accidents injure about 2.35 million people in the U.S. each year. Before you hit the road, you need to take basic safety precautions to prevent or lessen injury in case of a vehicle accident. In addition, you can take further measures if a collision seems inevitable while on the road. Knowing what to do before an accident happens can keep you from sustaining serious medical issues.

Before You Begin Driving

You know to wear your seatbelt, no matter how short of a trip you have planned. Still, make certain your belt is properly fastened and tightened before pulling out of your driveway. Also, check to make sure your passengers are correctly belted in as well.

Other steps to take prior to driving:

  • Put your cellphone in a hands-free position or check to see that your Bluetooth is connected.
  • Turn on your headlights.
  • Have your tires checked regularly for tread and pressure issues.
  • Position your headrest It should be approximately two inches from the rear of your head to prevent whiplash and head injury.

When an Accident is Unavoidable

Often, you do not see an accident coming, but in some situations, you have a few seconds to react before impact. You can lessen your chance of injury if you do the following:

  • Make certain your hands and wrists are aligned with the steering wheel. If your wrists are bent, you can end up with broken bones and seriously damaged ligaments.
  • Steer Smoothly. If you jerk the wheel, chances are you will lose all control of your vehicle and make the impact worse.
  • Reduce the vehicle speed as much as possible. The faster you are going the worse your injuries will be.
  • Avoid striking a vehicle or object head on if at all possible. Try and angle your car or truck to the side a bit. Avoid full-on side impacts, however. Your vehicle’s side is weaker than other areas, meaning you will be vulnerable to injury if the other car hits your door.
  • Once you have been in an accident, turn off your vehicle and call for help. Avoid moving if you believe that you’ve suffered serious injury.

Regional Medical Center

In the Atlanta, Georgia, area, vehicle accident victims should visit Regional Medical Group. These specialists in personal injury treatment will evaluate your condition quickly so you can get the treatment that you need. Remember, not all accident injuries are apparent immediately after a collision. Some symptoms do not appear for days or even weeks, so a professional evaluation is necessary to maintain your health. Left untreated, injuries such as concussions, spinal trauma, bone fractures and soft tissue injuries can worsen and cause acute pain and permanent damage.

The staff at Regional Medical Group have access to the most advanced technology available. Plus, you don’t have to worry about insurance issues. At Regional, you will receive treatment on lien, which means your bill will be covered by the legal settlement reached by your attorney. You do not have to risk your health by skipping expensive medical tests or treatments due to your financial situation.

As a responsible driver, you can minimize your risk of injury by taking precautions before you leave home. You can also make adjustments when a crash seems inevitable. If you are in an accident, don’t hesitate. See the experts at Regional Medical Group for a fast and accurate diagnosis and cutting-edge treatment. Call them at (404)943-9996 for more information and their nearest location.


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