If you are rear-ended by another car during an automobile accident, the guilty party may attempt to avoid liability by shifting the blame to an error with their car. Despite the protections offered from insurers, most will refuse to admit guilt or that they made a mistake to prevent their insurance premium from increasing. Mentioning faulty brakes during this scenario is, unfortunately, very common. Rarely, vehicle brakes will suddenly cease to function. Guilty parties will use this excuse because investigators will be unable to find negligence, letting them off the hook for the damage they’ve caused.

The easiest way to determine if the guilty party is lying about their breaks is to take note if the driver attempts to drive the car home from the accident scene. Any attorney will tell you that driving a car without breaks is unsafe. To prove that brake failure caused the accident, instead of negligence, the driver must visit a mechanic and receive documentation of brake repair immediately following the accident. The notes and paperwork from the brake repair process will include specific remarks from the mechanic as to why the brakes suddenly failed to function.

Consider these details when you are in an accident. Dishonesty regarding faulty brakes is very difficult to get away with. The truth will eventually emerge.

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