With winter nearly here. The best time to put on your winter tires is when the temperature dips below 44°F (or 7°C). When the temperature hits that mark, consider switching your summer tires over to winter tires. Your car immediately benefits from better traction, smoother braking, and tighter handling. All-season vehicle tires harden as the temperate changes, rendering them ineffective.

Modern snow tires are not only built to outperform in winter conditions but keep you safe on varying pavement conditions, too. Rule of thumb: if you can see your breath, it‏’s time to switch to snow tires to prevent automobile or motorcycle accidents. 

Snow Tire Checklist
Swap out your old tires with snow tires that match the winter driving conditions in your local area. Talk to a local tire dealer about what auto accidents they see the most each season and what snowy road conditions to expect so you get snow tires that are the very best for you and your family. 

Here‏’s a checklist:

  • Are cold temperatures common in your area?
  • Are icy or snowy roads common in your area?
  • Do you have to drive every day, no matter the weather conditions?
  • Do you drive on side streets that might have varying road conditions?
  • Are you an early morning or late-night driver during the winter?
  • Are you driving at the same speed no matter the temperature?

When you decide to equip your vehicle with snow tires, get them in a complete set of four to guarantee control and stability of your car during icy conditions. Mismatched wheels will compromise your safety.

Just Two Tires?
Never install two snow tires on just the front or just the rear of a vehicle while leaving the back all-season. This dangerous act could result in a total loss of control, injury, damaged spine, cuts, and abrasions. Most drivers with two snow tires on the front and all-season on the rear eventually oversteer and wreck.

Be safe. Be smart. Your safety is important.

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