Vehicle Injuries and Children

Vehicle accidents can be deadly for people of any age, but for children, they are particularly dangerous. Automobile collisions are a leading cause of death among US children. In 2015, 663 children 12 and under were killed due to vehicle accidents, while more than 121,350 were injured in these incidents in 2014. Many of these injuries were due to improper use of child restraints, but others happened despite parents taking preventative measures.

Children are vulnerable to injury and often harder to treat than adults. Since young children are often not able to accurately describe their injuries, they must be promptly evaluated and treated by expert medical staff after any motor vehicle accident. If they receive this care, they are more likely to recover quickly and fully.

Types of Injuries

Head injuries are common in vehicle accidents, but they are a particular concern for children. Very young children can easily get a concussion or other traumatic brain injury from vehicle impact. Often, those with head injuries exhibit symptoms such as mood changes, extreme sleepiness and regressing abilities, both verbal and motor. They need to be closely examined and monitored by an expert medical staff in order to protect them from serious TBI effects.

Young children should never ride in the front seat because they can be gravely harmed or even killed when air bags deploy. In fact, no child under the age of thirteen should be a passenger there. Even then, they can suffer injuries from the impact of an air bag.

Children may experience the same type of injuries as adults, such as fractures, lacerations, spinal injuries, and soft tissue damage. Their size and physical maturity level can compound these issues. Developing bodies are more easily injured in a crash.

Experts also note that children are susceptible to post-traumatic stress disorder, an emotional condition that can lead to anxiety, insomnia, and other problems. Children suffering from these accident after-effects may need long-term counseling to recover.

Regional Medical Group

If your child is involved in a motor vehicle accident, take them to be evaluated by an expert medical staff. In the Atlanta, Georgia, area, that means Regional Medical Group. The staff specializes in personal injury treatment, including that incurred by children. Because small children cannot always tell you where it hurts, they need to be diagnosed and treated by professionals with the right training and experience. Untreated injuries can be especially dangerous for little ones.

The staff at Regional Medical Group makes certain that children get the treatment that they need, whether they are covered by health insurance or not. At Regional, medical treatment is provided on lien, which means that your bill is paid through the legal settlement reached by your attorney. Your child will get the help they need regardless of your current financial status.

Nothing is more important than a child’s well being. Unfortunately, children can so easily be injured in a car or truck accident, and many of the injuries they suffer are severe. If your child is harmed in a collision, don’t take any chances with their health. Instead, let the staff at Regional Medical Group give them cutting-edge care. Call 404-943-9996 for the nearest location in the Atlanta area. Prompt treatment can help prevent or minimize health care issues caused by motor vehicle accidents.



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